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Using a drone video and photo for real estate, farm, golf course, construction site, or roof inspection

drone video and photo for Commercial

See some of finished drones videos and you will instantly see how they are striking and impressive they are. The use of a video drone for real estate, farm, golf course, construction site or ceilings inspection will give your clients an incredible aerial perspective that highlights all the characteristics of your project.


Commercial Drone Packages - drone video and photo

All Drone videos come in a friendly template with SEO so you can easily share it with a click of a button. The template from which the photos of your video drone and drone will appear, is 100% editable so you can customize it with your photo, contact information, description and much more. See a sample of our templates below. Best of all, technical skills are not required!

All drone packages include:

  • Drone operators with license and insured
  • 1-1: 30 minutes 4K Drone Video - View samples
  • 10-20 Aerial photos of high resolution - See samples
  • Favorable destination pages with SEO - See samples
  • Technical skills are not required. We do everything!
  • Fast delivery of 48 hours
  • 100% money back guarantee

All photos are delivered in high resolution format with professional color correction and editing. Each order also includes the destination page (s) favorable by SEO for its content; Perfect to share fast and easy!

See more videos of the DRONE sample below

Commercial videos + photos

Commercial videos + 20 photos


Get videos & photos of any hole(s) at any Golf Course, including the entire Clubhouse & Amenities.
Many golf enthusiasts look golf course websites before visiting a new course to play. Before the drones, many courses were filmed from the sky using a plane helicopter, but it came with high costs and mediocre photos.

The videos of drones have completely changed the way the golf courses are filmed, giving a perspective of the bird's eyes to show the landscape and characteristics of each hole. With DroneVideos.com, you will receive a professional drone operator and experienced to film your Golf Course 4K Ultra HD and high resolution photos. This is an excellent way to highlight the amenities and benefits of your course and clubhouse.