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GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone Fishing

GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone

The GLADIUS MINI allows you to swiftly scope out your fishing spot.
Proceed with confidence, knowing the distribution, size, and depth of the swarming fish below, as well as the temperature, depth, and topography of the water.
Make fishing a sight-seeing adventure! 

This Gladius Underwater Drone has the latest advancements in technology to help you get the best underwater photography results possible.

This drone features a compact bionic design with a stable gill shape. This drone becomes more stable in vertical and horizontal directions thanks to a combination of sophisticated AI control. A 4K camera is also included in this drone for enhanced image quality.

Underwater Drone Fishing GLADIUS MINI

Without scuba equipment, inspect your ship.
More than just finding fishing hotspots is possible with your drone!
Inspect the bottom of your boat or yacht for abnormalities that can be easily detected, making maintenance more convenient.

You can see what's beneath the surface in real time without ever getting wet thanks to stunning underwater video.  

Thanks to its 45-degree setting, you may shoot photos more freely. With this feature, you may spin the drone at various angles to suit your needs. With its Tilt-lock mode, you can also move this product forward or backward, float or dive. This drone also includes a depth-lock mode, which makes it easier to maneuver underwater or while floating.

With the touch of a button, you may livestream and easily share on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and YouTube. In addition, the GLADIUS MINI comes with a 64GB TF storage card. Video may also be utilized to create immersive 360-degree virtual reality experiences. Both novice users and seasoned experts can shoot high-quality photos with the drone's manual and automatic ISO, WhiteBalance, and color tone adjustments.

Visual confirmation in real time

Monitor live video on a big screen or three mobile devices at once using the base station's HDMI connector.

Fishing places that are illuminated

Two adjustable 1200 lumen LED headlights will illuminate your underwater 4K UHD video. 

Can be used by creators to communicate about fish and the undersea world. 

Get it today before it's too late.
This is your greatest chance to get a Chasing Gladius mini, as stocks are extremely limited. 

Watch this video of CHASING Gladius in action. 


This underwater drone is equipped with a cutting-edge Ultra HD 4K shooting camera that allows you to record a variety of photos with ease. This drone's 4K UHD camera has 12 million pixels, which means you'll get significantly sharper images than with ordinary underwater drones. Furthermore, the camera on this ROV is fitted with a 2*1200 lumens LED light, which aids in lighting of the dark seabed.

This underwater robot has been featured in a number of videos.
For more information, please see the link below.

And I strongly advise you, to get it as soon as possible because supplies are limited. 

GLADIUS MINI Underwater Drone Fishing

Gladius Mini Underwater robot gladius mini australia