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Rock Crawler Redcat Everest-10 RC Crawler - 1:10 Brushed motor

Redcat Everest-10 RC Rock Crawler

The Redcat Racing Everest-10 is ready to scale the toughest territories. The Everest-10 comes absolutely accrued and carries a 54T RC540 brushed engine, 40A ESC, excessive pressure controlling servo, 7.2V NiMH battery, NiMH battery charger, and 2.4GHz radio framework.

The Everest-10 is a shaft pushed stone crawler the use of a solitary engine, that's established withinside the focal factor of the vehicle. Extending force shafts carry capability to each back and front axles, even as as but allowing the suspension to verbalize. The Everest-10 is a noteworthy entertainer, and is ready to slither in addition to anyone.


Redcat Everest-10 Rock Crawler

Enormous forceful tires are installed to beneficial dab lock wheels. Each tire is held immovably installation with the aid of using  plastic beadlock rings, so there may be no requirement for tire stick.

The Everest-10 is the right car for the those who love the forceful appearance of beast trucks, but on the identical time want the potential to scale mountain aspects like simply stone crawlers can.

Get your Everest-10 4WD shaft driven RC redcat Everest stone crawler today!

Aluminum body, 4-Link suspension, Aluminum included oil stuffed shocks, Beadlock wheels, Centrally installed engine, Shaft driven, Locked diffs, Ball orientation all through.

Selectable top surprise positions, Adjustable journey stature, Tunable suspension.

Enormous forceful tires, Scale body, Good explanation.

54T RC540 brushed engine, Waterproof crawler 40A ESC, High pressure controlling servo, 2.4GHz radio framework.

Collected and Ready to Run - Includes 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery, and NiMH Charger - Requires 4-AA Batteries for Transmitter.


Rock Crawler Redcat



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Rock Crawler Redcat Everest-10

Rock Crawler Redcat Everest-10 Redcat Rock Crawler