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Swellpro Splash drone 4 Multifunctional Waterproof Quadcopter

Swellpro Splash drone

Splash Quadcopter 4 is a fifth-generation waterproof robot that builds on SwellPro's seven years of knowledge and understanding in robot waterproofing innovation.

The SplashDrone 4 is a brand-new waterproof flight and buoy stage designed for versatile use in any harsh environment.

Swellpro Splash seawater-resistant body

Swellpro Quadcopter 4 is designed to be the most water-resistant drone on the market.
The fuselage is composed of current grade ABS and is quite rigid. For our exclusive 100 percent waterproof assurance, each SplashDrone 4 is plant fastened to the smallest details and gaseous tension tested. The erosion-resistant covering is also applied to the watertight engines and interior hardware, offering another layer of protection.

Swellpro Splash A brand-new IP66 water-resistant remote controller is now available.

The all-new SplashDrone 4 long-range regulator is now waterproof for simple operation.
You can also throw it in the water to wash away the sand that has accumulated.
The built-in GPS adds a variety of new features, such as persistent following and dynamic re-visitation of the pilot.
The remote regulator is now capable of providing many device associations for a better community-oriented activity.

Swellpro Smooth+ Flight Control (Creative)

The approved "Smooth+" flying control allows the pilot to fine-tune SplashDrone 4's Roll and Yaw.
Smooth+ simplifies flight control by making it as simple as twisting knobs.


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Do you want to make something? Fly, float, film, fish, find… wherever.


Swellpro Splash drone


Swellpro Splash drone 4 Multifunctional Waterproof Quadcopter