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Swellpro spry+ plus waterproof drone fly more fisherman bundle

swellpro spry plus waterproof drone

The swellpro spry+ waterproof all-in-one action quadcoper is now much better. Even the remote controller is completely waterproof.

This quadcopter and remote controller are completely waterproof and corrosion-proof.
Landing and taking off from the water with complete confidence, thanks to the Spry+'s ability to float.
You can fly the plane while in the water thanks to the waterproof remote controller. 

The action sports community has been waiting for a small waterproof drone.


Spry is designed to be both waterproof and buoyant. With specially coated motors and corrosion-resistant components throughout, it's designed for activity in the tough sea environment. With absolute peace of mind, land and take off from the sea.

Swellpro spry+ plus  A true 4K camera

You don't have to sacrifice image quality just because you're small.
The integrated camera on the Spry+ is a Sony 1/2.3" CMOS sensor that can catch any activity in 4K/30FPS or 2.7K/60FPS video and crisp 12MP images.
The lens has been designed to reduce fisheye distortion for more natural-looking photos.

swellpro spry 4k waterproof drone

Image Stabilization

To provide smooth, shake-free footage, Spry+ uses powerful EIS (electronic image stabilization) software.

When recording with your Spry remote controller, you can relax and enjoy total freedom, since it can be used in the rain, sea spray, or even momentarily submerged in water. Spray-resistant joysticks, an integrated live display, and all buttons work smoothly and precisely.

Image quality is improved with the use of a dome.

Spry+'s camera is protected from the elements by a reinforced glass dome.
The dome's glass has been optically designed and treated to improve transparency while reducing distortion.

Excessive glare, which is common on water and snow, can be filtered out with a custom-made shade.
After the drone hits a wave, another layer of hydrophobic coating ensures that no sticky water drops on the dome. 

The 4K camera on the Spry is entirely encased in an optically designed polycarbonate dome for maximum transparency and minimal distortion. The dome is surrounded by a specifically constructed shade that reduces glare and balances the bright highlights found on the lake and snow.


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The speed of Spry plus

The watertight, compact body is designed to reduce air drag and turbulence.
In manual mode, an fpv-racing-level the Spry+ can accelerate from 0 to 65 kilometers per hour. It's now a piece of cake to chase down high-speed sailboats or kite surfers. 

If they lose reception, most drones will return to their launch location. When the Spry flies out of range or you tell it to, the drone will return to the place of the remote controller, which is wherever you are. Even on a moving boat, your Spry will return to you because to our "Return to me" function.

Swellpro spry+ plus waterproof drone