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The Velocis 1/32 RC Racing Car Indoor Toys USB Charging Edition

The Velocis 1/32 RC Racing Car

Have you ever been caught inside on a wet day?
Or are you exhausted from a long day's work?
Or not knowing what kind of gift will appeal to children's hearts?
Now, please allow me to introduce to your kids, a member of the rc car family

The Velocis 1/32 RC Racing Car 

is a great way to get into RC racing. This person includes a proportional remote control mechanism, which makes the car more functional.

1.Pushing the control wheel forward causes the car to turn left; pushing it backward causes the car to turn right. Please visit button below for further information.

2.The transmitter's L/H button toggles between low and high speed modes. This function only has a minor speed difference, not a significant one.

3.Before you play the automobile, make sure the battery is fully charged. Second, put the transmitter battery in place. Third, turn on the car's ignition. Fourth, turn on the on/off switch for the transmitter.  

4.The automobile battery can only last a few minutes and cannot be used for a long time.

5.If you don't follow the steps exactly, for example, if you turn on the transmitter first, then the car switch, the car will start on its own.

By the way, if the car battery is not fully charged, the automobile will not function normally. 

The Velocis RC Racing Car

Watch this video Velocis RC car Mini

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